Andrew Wilkinson is a student of perception, bridging culture and subculture with introspection, humor, and wit.

Formally trained in both fine art and media communications, Wilkinson combines both disciplines to create captivating reconstructions of everyday objects into works of art that challenge even the most devoted perception.  Iconic cultural imagery is gently riled up to encourage a reevaluation of nostalgia and settled perceptions.  Of his work, Wilkinson cites, “The artist is the custodian of identifying what is current and exploiting the content into another accessible medium.  I aim to constantly exploit the aspect of accessibility.”

Mainstream iconic pop images infused into Wilkinson’s world after having moved to America from Southern England, and stayed vivid in his mind. “Aspects of ‘culture’ became amplified after moving to the USA and getting an early cultural introduction through watching American television.  Things I didn’t grow up with — like The Brady Bunch, The Monkees, the QVC Channel, K-mart, late night infomercials —  all were visually overwhelming to me. Eventually, the output became art in the form of whichever media best suited the message.”